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In order to realize customers demand of high-quality products and reduced lead time, Jinpao, in partnership with Amada built this ˇ§digital sheet metal factoryˇ¨. Reducing set-up time through off-line programming and network solution system, automating individual machines, total review of production workflow and overall process reform are just some features/advantages of the Jinpao's digital sheet metal factory.

Computerized generated fabrication is the essence of our digital sheet metal factory. The whole procedure will start with your 3D data, if available. It is automatically analyzed & unfolded by SheetWorks . Unfolded drawing is saved in the SDD server. Punching and/or laser programming will follow using the unfold drawing on the server. Bending programming can be done at the same time. Based on these data, quotations are made with high accuracy.

  • AP100
  • DR. ABE


3D modeling is becoming more & more popular these days. The obsolete way of designing parts & assemblies using 2D software , and the even more traditional way by pencil & paper is being replaced by different 3D softwares available in the market.

Working with 3D models makes everything easy. From quotation, to process analysis & design, machine programming, assembly verification , etc. We will be very glad if you can share your 3D data to us, even during quotation stage. In this way, we can give you best quotes in very short time.

SHEETWORKS is a SOLIDWORKS add-in used for automatic unfolding of a 3D sheetmetal model. This is Amada's idea to reduce the burden in creating flat patterns. Almost all 3D formats can be opened in SheetWorks.

Pro-Engineer is the most famous 3D design software. We can receive your pro-e files directly. Also, we can receive other formats supported by SheetWorks and Pro-E.

If 3D is not available, we will be glad to work with your 2D data as well. You can decide what format to export your data: dwg or dxf.

Networking is the trend nowadays of design and manufacturing. AP100 is a network-ready automatic programming system. From unfolding the 2D CAD data to flat lay-out verification to programming and G-code creation. The data is then saved and stored in AP100 Data Manager (SDD). The data in the server can be instantly retrieved by the machines connected on the network.

The world market is shifting from mass production of standard parts to small-lot production of varied products. Dr. Abe is there to cope with this kind of market demand. The software is used not only to save material by nesting different parts of an assembly in one sheet but also to save machining time by optimizing sequence and tool usage. In addition, nesting data is saved and will be ready for future use.

BEND CAM is the software for creating bending data by using 3D data (SolidWorks/SheetWorks data) or unfold drawing (AP100 data) with bend attribute information. Using artificial intelligence, bend cam automatically create the optimum bending data from various kinds of bend sequences. Following are some of the advantages of using bend cam:

  1. Eliminating the difficulty to image how to bend a part.
  2. Eliminating the need to make bending process drawings.
  3. Reduced data entry time to the machine.
  4. Increase in total efficiency of the shop.


We are using TWIN CAD for wire cut machine programming.


Factory Viewer records the daily activity of every machine connected on the network. It helps to monitor if one is running or not.