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Although our punching machine can accommodate as long as 5000mm material, some parts need to be cut to specific lengths to optimize usage.

Our CNC Shearing machine model is:

  • QC12K-6X2500 (1 unit)



All of our punching & laser machines are Amada. We are using the latest electrically-driven punching machine and the flying optic laser. Amada's EM2510NT punching machine can accommodate up to 5000mm length material; 2500mm without reposition. It can reach up to 500 hits per minute. One punching machine is equipped with cycle loader to fully automate production. This machine combination can run 24hrs without operator. Flying optic FO-3015NT can cut up to 22mm mild steel. This is equipped with shuttle table to allow unloading and material setting while the machine is running. Below is the list of our machines:

  • AC Servo Direct Twin-Drive CNC Turret Punch Press EM-2510NT (3 units)
  • Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press VIPROS-255 (1 unit)
  • 1000W CNC Laser Cutting Machine QUATTRO (1 unit)
  • 4000W CNC Laser Cutting Machine FO-3015NT (with Shuttle Table LST-3015FO)(1 unit)
  • Auto Storage Cycle Loader ASR48M (1 unit)
  • Automatic Tool Grinding Machine TOGU-III EXP (1 unit)




During punching and other machining operations, there are sharp edges & burrs produced which must be removed for safety.

Our machines:

  • Belt Sander (3 units)
  • Bench Grinder Model IW-08 (1 unit)
  • Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Model HZ-30 (1 unit)


Prototyping need very short lead times. We have machines to do special shapes and forms which don't have available tool in the NCT. These machines are also used for production of small lots.

Our machines:

  • Drilling Machines (3 units)
  • Tapping Machines (6 units)
  • Bench Presses 1 ton (5 units)
  • Bench Presses 3 tons (11 units)
  • Hydraulic Punch Press Model SP-30II
  • Corner Shear Machine Model CSW-250
  • Pneumatic Booster Press Model:KC-C-8
  • Hydraulic Press Machine Model:SOPC-10TF


The conventional type of press brake machines are now being replaced by state-of-the-art ones. High speed, high precision, environment-friendly: these are just few of the pros of using hybrid drive system.

  • Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Model HDS-8025NT (5 units)
  • Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Model RG-50
    (2 units)
  • Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Model RG-35S
    (3 units)
  • Hydraulic Compact Bender Machine Model
    CB-83 (1 unit)


  • PEMSERTER Series 4 Press (3 units)
  • PEMSERTER Series LT/4 Press (1 unit)
  • Spot Welding Machine (2 units)
  • Table Spot Welding Machine TS86K (1 unit)
  • Stud Welding Machine KST 10/ESP 10 S